The NWT Chapter of Council of Canadians has been advocating for the protection of our waters.  Please take the time to read their message below and contact the GWNT with your comments.

The long awaited transboundary water agreements are beginning to move quickly. The NWT-BC Agreement is nearing completion; the NWT-Alberta Agreement will be made public early in the new year.  Agreements with Saskatchewan and Yukon will follow thereafter.

The NWT-BC agreement is a template for the others.  We need to ask ourselves, and ensure that our politicans protect our waters.  Ask yourself

  1. Does it protect water quality and water quantity?
  2. Does it take an ecosystem approach to management?
  3. Can it be enforced?
  4. Will future generations have water security?

The GNWT has recently extended the deadline for public comment until January 4th, 2014.

Please take the time to  look at the NWT-BC Agreement and provide your comments by following the link below.

Water affects us all – let’s ensure it’s protected!