The Canadian Labour Congress has launched a new campaign to promote dialogue and better choices around 4 key issues in the upcoming Federal Election.  Here’s a quick overview.  To learn more about this critical issues please visit

  1. Retirement Security –  With the number or Seniors living in poverty constantly increasing and an increasing number of workers set to retire, it is time to expand CPP.  No one should have to retire in Poverty.
  2. Health Care-  Nearly 4 million Canadian don’t have a family doctor. Before the last federal election, Prime Minister Harper promised to renew the Federal Health Accord, committing to increasing health care transfer payments to the provinces by six per cent a year.  But in 2013, the government broke that promise, tying any further increases to economic growth. Even if the outlook for Canada’s economy exceeds expectations and improves, increases in funding for health care are unlikely to exceed 3 per cent.   That means a funding shortfall of about $36 billion in health care transfers by 2024.
  3. Child Care –  Today, one out of every five children under six years old doesn’t have access to a regulated child care space. For many families, the cost of child care is their second-highest expense after housing.  It is time for the rest of the country to follow Quebec’s example.  We need  a universal childcare program.
  4. Good Jobs – Our shaky economic recovery has left 2.8 million Canadians unemployed or underemployed. Nearly three quarters of the jobs created over the past six years have been precarious – part-time, temporary or in the self-employed sector. Nearly a million Canadians have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet.  The impact is most apparent among younger Canadians, who continue to struggle with double the national unemployment rate.