Northerners will hear how to fight the threats to universal health care at a public presentation Wednesday April 16 at 7 PM in the Northern United Place Auditorium.

The event is part of the national campaign to strengthen and reform Medicare following the federal government’s failure to renew the Canada Health Accord.

Alternatives North and the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) are the co-sponsors.

The federal-provincial-territorial Health Accord provided stable federal funding, and set national standards, and established goals for improving the system.  The accord expired March 31, 2014, resulting in a $36 billion dollars cut to cut in federal health transfers, and a $16.5 billion cut in cut to health care equalization payments.

Guest speakers Michael McBane and Wendell Potter will outline how withdrawal of federal funding cripples the federal ability to set and enforce national standards, and lays the way for expansion of higher cost, for-profit health care.

See the CHC website for more information on the Health Accord, and further details on the event at the Alternatives North website.