From May 2 to 8, 2015, food banks across Canada will come together to raise food and funds at the local level, stocking the shelves for the summer months as part of Food Bank Canada’s Every Plate Full fundraising campaign.

In support of this campaign, the Nunavut Food Security Coalition has prepared a resource called Nunavut Community-Based Food Programs to help simplify building relationships between donors and recipients. More information can be found on the  Nunavut Food Security Coalition website at

The Coalition encourages individuals or organizations who want to get involved to consider donating money rather than food to community-based food programs, as these programs demonstrate the best way to acquire and distribute food in their community

Anyone in Nunavut who  wishes to donate food locally can do so thanks to the Government of Nunavut’s Donation of Food Act, which encourages food donations to our territory’s most vulnerable residents while protecting those who make donations.  A copy of the act can be found here Nunavut Food Donation Act

Please consider supporting your local food bank wherever you may be.