The Survey
The NWT Disabilities Council is currently running a project to update basic information on disability and related services in the Northwest Territories. The reason for the creation of this project was to revisit the NWT Action Plan for Persons With Disabilities, published in 2008. As a part of this project, we have developed three surveys: one for people living with a disability, another for parents and caregivers of people living with a disability, and one for service providers. These surveys will gather important information regarding the prevalence and severity of different types of disability in the territory.   Also, it is an important opportunity for those living with disability to share their experiences accessing services in the NWT with service providers and the government and to have their voice heard. The final project’s recommendations will be presented in order to help strengthen these supports and services. Participants’ information will remain confidential as all findings will be presented in a general form with no names or personal identifiers included.

More information and the links to the online survey can be found on the  NWT Disabilities Council website