CLC President Bea Bruske: Vote to make sure working moms aren’t left behind

September 14, 2021

Bruske joins group of prominent women demanding all parties make affordable, accessible child care for all a priority

 OTTAWA—On today’s National Day of Action for early learning and child care, Canadian Labour Congress president, Bea Bruske, joined fifty prominent women and co-signed a letter demanding all candidates and parties commit to accessible and affordable child care for all.

“I am proud to be a mom and add my support to this important initiative,” said Bruske. “So many women and moms were pushed to the economic sidelines during the pandemic. Affordable, accessible, quality child care must be a cornerstone of our economic recovery.”

“We risk losing the vital contribution working moms make to our economy. I ask my fellow Canadians to join us in demanding child care is available to all. Please vote to make sure moms are not left behind,” concluded Bruske.

The letter can be found here.



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