Bruske to German Chancellor and the G7: Turn from ambition to action on climate and just transition

May 11, 2022

Bruske: We must not trade good jobs for low-quality, precarious work as we accelerate progress on tackling the climate crisis

BERLIN – Today in Germany, Bea Bruske delivered a strong message from international labour leaders to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, President of the G7.

“When it comes to building a plan to decarbonize every sector of our economies, it is critical that workers are at the table. These workers help build the economies of these countries and they must not be left to carry the burden on their own,” said Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

Bruske delivered her comments on behalf of the “Labour 7,” a group of representatives from the trade union federations of the G7 countries.

“We, the labour leaders in G7 countries, urge our governments to move from ambition to implementation on climate protection,” Bruske said in her remarks. “These investments should not be diminished by responding to other global crises. As you stated Monday, Chancellor, increased military spending should not affect social cohesion nor diminish commitments to other priorities.”

Bruske argued that G7 leaders should put workers and their families at the centre of their plans when it comes to action on fighting climate change.

“It was an honour to deliver a clear message from workers to Chancellor Scholz and the G7,” Bruske said. “Labour leaders around the world were able to find common ground around protecting our climate, environment and biodiversity, and accelerating the global energy transition, while building a sustainable and fair economic system where workers are not left behind. This is essential for ensuring a better life for all on our planet.”

Bruske stressed the importance for world leaders to take action, working together with the labour movement, around creating jobs that are family supporting and high quality.

“We must not trade good jobs for low-quality, precarious work. The leaders of the wealthiest nations must understand that building a just transition for workers is central for us to successfully tackle climate change,” said Bruske.

Bruske added that international conventions on occupational health and safety, robust social and workplace protections, and investing in health care and social services are all critical elements to achieving a sustainable planet.


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